Hillside Daylilies

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The following are hybrids that I have registered.

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2020 Introductions

AnotherOneBitesTheDust Another One Bites The Dust
FoundMyMojo Found My Mojo
IFeelFine I Feel Fine
PrincessMardo Princess Mardo
Spraypaint Spraypaint

2019 Introductions

CHSAHandsomeDevil CHS A Handsome Devil
FrancesMarieCowieson Frances Marie Cowieson
FreckledSunshine Freckled Sunshine
GivePeaceAChance Give Peace A Chance
HelloILoveYou Hello I Love You
IAmTheWalrus I Am The Walrus
QueenOfFloof Queen Of Floof
RockyRaccoon Rocky Raccoon
TauerJewel Tauer Jewel

2018 Introductions

AHardDaysStarryNight A Hard Day's Starry Night
ClockworkOrange Clockwork Orange
GettingBetter Getting Better
ISawHerStandingThere I Saw Her Standing There
SheLovesYou She Loves You
SpotsAndStripes Spots And Stripes
SpotTheDot Spot The Dot
TicketToRide Ticket To Ride

2017 Introductions

DaraRose Dara Rose

2016 Introductions

AstralWonder Astral Wonder
ClaireAnne Claire Anne
DotsGalore Dots Galore
GhostFangs Ghost Fangs
LorettaTheStipplesQueen Loretta The Stipples Queen
SkyHighButterfly Sky High Butterfly

2015 Introductions

BackboneAndBite Backbone and Bite
HillsideEarlyBird Hillside Early Bird
KendraMarie Kendra Marie
VictorianPursuits Victorian Pursuits
WhiteViper White Viper

2014 Introductions

BadenochBeauty Badenoch Beauty
CatchYouLater Catch You Later
CherryStripes Cherry Stripes
CitronRibbons Citron Ribbons
DragonNation Dragon Nation
JoanneMeyer Joanne Meyer
LaughingAtTheRain Laughing At The Rain
MeaganAndGraemesBigSurprise Meagan and Graeme's Big Surprise
PinkViper Pink Viper
SeismicCool Seismic Cool

2013 Introductions

FuzzyThinking Fuzzy Thinking
HillsideBrightAndEarly Hillside Bright And Early
KimsLaughter Kim's Laughter
RosemaryMussar Rosemary Mussar
SpotsBeforeMyEyes Spots Before My Eyes

2012 Introductions

GetsTheWorm-05-02 Gets The Worm
GoldenPrelude-05-10 Golden Prelude
HillsideFirstImpressions-05-01 Hillside First Impressions
JuneMist-03-07 June Mist

2011 Introductions

PeterMussar Peter Mussar
Splatter Splatter

2010 Introductions

TassyRoumbas Tassy Roumbas

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