Kim's Laughter (Mussar, 2013)


This cultivar has been named for my wife Kim. Those who know us, know that we love to laugh and Kim's laughter, like the flower, is distinctive. It is the first ever introduction out of Reckamp's Wide Awake which is a gorgeous bright pink with a toothy fringed edge. I suspect in time that Wide Awake may prove to be a superior breeder to his better known and widely used Ruffled Strawberry Parfait. I have many selects from Wide Awake and this is the first that I can make available. This seedling was one of a number that were originally planted at Bryan Culver's farm and he selected the plant and used the pollen from Kim's Laughter even before I was able to bring it home!

The flower is a pale yellow polychrome with a green throat and heavily ruffled edge with shark's teeth, hooks and horns. Despite the heavy edge it opens well and I've never seen it hang up. Pod and pollen fertile. I expect it to breed for pinks with edges due to its Wide Awake parentage and should see my first seedlings from Kim's Laughter next summer. It is a mid-late bloomer with 5" flowers carried on scapes around 31" tall usually with 2 laterals, plus a top V and around 16 buds. Foliage is semi-evergreen. Parentage (Therapeutic Touch x Wide Awake). Registered 2013. Tetraploid. $125 (single fan). Limited availability.