She's Got Pizazz


She's Got Pizazz (Mussar, 2021) Tet. 5.5" bloom on scapes 28" tall with 4 way branching and an 18 bud count. It is a mid season bloomer with semi-evergreen foliage. The flowers are rose pink above a large yellow to green throat area and there can be pale yellow teeth on the petals. Parents are my Claire Anne crossed with a seedling that is (Rose Electra x Ruffled Strawberry Parfait). Claire Anne is out of (Victoria Park x Heavenly Pastel) so it has 50% genetics from Bryan Culver's lines and 50% from those of Brother Charles Reckamp. She's Got Pizazz is both pod and pollen fertile.

She's Got Pizazz is a sibling to Esmund another of my 2021 introductions but surprisingly it has never shown any cristate tissue. A couple of other sibling do show cristate tissue on occasion. I'm a push-over for good rose pink blooms but what I love about this one is the big green throat. It has produced some gorgeous green throated kids in crosses with things like Tet Emerald Starburst and others. It is a personal favourite amongst my intros this year.