For several years now I've had a breeding goal focused on producing a spotted daylily. Many years ago well before daylilies, I collected orchids and recall how the selective breeding of a few phalenopsis species led to the heavily spotted cultivars we see today. I wondered if the same thing would be possible with daylilies? At the time nobody appeared to be working on this goal. However in breeding sometimes you don't get what you are looking for!

SPLATTER came out of those early efforts. The flower has a light peach-melon base with a variable dusty rose overlay that produces a mottled patterned effect. The pattern reminds me a bit of a plicata-like effect that is seen in iris. It is variable with a different look each day and occasionally has a simple speckled pattern. SPLATTER has a green throat and a fine gold edge on the petals. The 5" flowers are borne on 27" tall scapes with up to 2 laterals and a terminal Y or W bud cluster. Bud count on this Mid to Late season bloomer is in the 20 range. Tetraploid. Foliage is Dormant despite its evergreen parentage (Shishedo x Expanding Universe). Fertile both ways.

This flower is being introduced primarily as a hybridizer's plant. I have a hard time calling it pretty but it is distinctive. SPLATTER is producing patterned kids and I continue to use it heavily in my breeding program.

Parentage: Shishedo x Expanding Universe. Very limited availability. Registered 2011. $100 (Single fan).