Badenoch Jewel


Badenoch Jewel (Mussar, 2021) Tet. 5.5" bloom, 30" scape with 3 way branching and a bud count of 15. It blooms in the mid season and has semi-evergreen foliage. The blooms have a cream petal base with an eye consisting of purple and lilac rings with a diffuse edge and darker veins above an olive to green throat. The parents are Huckleberry Candy x Vertical Horizon. Badenoch Jewel is both pod and pollen fertile.

I selected this plant many years ago on its first bloom due to its beautiful flower and the great scape it had at the time. The registered stats are from field grown plants that had no special care or more accurately were left to fend for themselves so I expect it to do better under garden conditions with even modest levels of care. I decided this should be registered as it was the parent of many of my selected patterned seedlings and felt that others could benefit from using it as well. The name Badenoch comes from a little former community that is less than 2 miles up the road from our place that was established in 1832 when this area was still being settled. Only a few farm houses remain at the corner but there is still a sign for the community which was named with their Scottish roots in mind.