Getting Better (Mussar, 2018)


Tet. 43" tall, 6" bloom, 28 buds with 5 way branching. Early season bloomer, Dormant foliage. (Golden Prelude x Astral Voyager). Fertile both ways.

"I've got to admit it's Getting Better, It's a little better all the time" sang The Beatles. Another introduction in my quest for a wider range of colour for the early season and I think we are getting better. This might be a surprise coming from a cross of a gold bloom with a lavender purple one however one of the parents of Golden Prelude is Saratoga Springtime which has orange tones and an eye that you see coming out here, particularly on cooler days. On warm days the colour is more intense and is perhaps the darkest bloom I have this early in the season (next to a few seedlings that may become futures). Couple the colour with a tall scape, lots of buds and great branching and I think this is a great addition to the early season garden.

$75 / SF.