Kendra Marie (Mussar, 2015, #706A)


Tet. 5.5" bloom, 44" scape, 4 way branching (top V with 2 lateral branches), 18 buds on average. Midseason bloomer. Dormant foliage. Sculpted class with mid-rib cresting, cristate. Bloom is a light raspberry pink self with mid-rib cristation. Very striking flower and very consistent with the cristation. I've rarely seen a bloom with no cresting, most often on all three petals (probably 85 - 90% of the time in my garden), occasionally on just 1 or 2 petals. An important plant for those seeking to work on cristate, tet forms with great, tall scape. Named in honour of my eldest daughter and my first intro in my "daughter" series. Challenging pod parent but not impossible, I get a few on it every year; pollen is good. (Women Seeking Men x Shores of Time).

$150 SF