Found My Mojo (Mussar, 2020)


Found My Mojo (Mussar, 2020). 8" bloom on scapes 34" tall with 3 way top branching and 15 buds. Foliage is semi evergreen and a mid to late season bloomer. Parentage is Butter Cream x Webster's Pink Wonder. Bright yellow with lighter edges, open form above a green throat.

I've always been drawn to this bloom but suspected that the bud count wasn't high enough. Was surprised to see that the scapes averaged 15 buds which is good enough for me particularly with a very large bloom like this. The plant is growing in the back field with no extra irrigation beyond what Mother Nature provided so I expect the blooms will be larger with better care. It held its own despite the weed competition too. Both parents are large blooms and Found My Mojo appears to have taken the best from both, the form of Webster's Pink Wonder and the great colour from Butter Cream with added height. Fertile both ways but I only started to use it late in the season to confirm. Looking forward to seeing what the kids produce.