Quarter To Four


Quarter To Four (Mussar, 2022) Tet. 7" bloom on 28" scapes with 3 way branching and a bud count of 12. I've registered it as having 25% frequency of polymerous blooms, that is having blooms with more than 3 petals and sepals. It has dormant foliage and is a mid-season bloomer. Fertile both ways. Pod parent is Gossard's Get'R Done which gives its size to Quarter To Four. Pollen parent is Moldovan's Vertical Horizon. The bloom has light yellow petals, a little paler toward the petal edges above a darker yellow throat.

Its perhaps a bit surprising to have a light, yellow self from two parents with notable eyezones but genetics are a funny thing, particularly with tetraploids. The height and bud count of Quarter To Four are less than my usual standard but there are so few tetraploid polys to work with that I felt it was important to introduce this one. This plant unfortunately was lined out toward the back of my seedling field where it probably suffered from root competition from the trees on the property line and was well beyond the reach of any sprinkler so had to deal with our drought last summer. I'm sure it had a higher poly frequency and taller scapes in previous years but do not have that documented. There is a need for higher frequency tetraploid polys and that has been a breeding interest of mine. I am hoping to convert some of the higher frequency diploid cultivars to tetraploids so that we can makes some progress in this area. I would hope and expect, given the parents that it should be easy to get kids with eyes using Quarter To Four. I've just started to breeding with it heavily the past couple of years and haven't seen many kids from it so far. The name of course, plays on the poly frequency and hence, Quarter To Four.