Catch You Later (Mussar, 2014)


Tet. 6" flower, 40" scape. A raspberry rose pink self with a pale pink watermark above a bright green throat. Dormant foliage, Mid-Late season bloomer with 5 way branching (2 to 3 laterals and a top V) and a bud count of 20. (Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe x White Eyes Pink Dragon). Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe was a plant favoured by Brother Charles Reckamp for the fine scapes it passed on to its kids and I would have to agree. Catch You Later has tall, well-branched scapes with flowers that gently roll back and clearly take after its pollen parent exhibiting a nice raspberry rose colour and a pink watermark. Catch You Later has a long bloom cycle with flowers still left to bloom following Labour Day weekend in early September on the original scapes. Price $100 SF.

Another view:


View of dried up scape to show the branching and bud count of the plant: