Ruth Meyer


Ruth Meyer (Mussar, 2021) Tet. 6" bloom on a 34" scape with 3 way branching and a bud count of 15 blooms. It is a mid season bloomer with semi evergreen foliage. The flowers are cream with a light pink polychrome flush with lightly ruffled petals and a yellow to green throat. The parents are Bryan Culver's Victoria Park which imparts great scapes to its kids. The pollen parent is a seedling that is out of (Great Expression x Rose Fiesta). The parents are all rose to pink flowers and yet they produced this beautiful cream coloured offspring.

Aunt Ruth was one of my mother's sisters who passed away many years ago. Several years ago one of her daughters, my cousin Joanne passed away, much too early and her sisters picked a daylily to be a memorial for her. Early last year my cousin Carol was telling me how she goes out to the garden to talk to Joanne every day and it occurred to her that it would be nice to talk to her mother at the same time. So several prospective seedlings were selected an by family vote this one was chosen for Aunt Ruth. This plant has been a personal favourite and I will be seeing seedlings from it this summer.