Pink Viper (Mussar, 2014)


Tet. 6" flower, 42" scape. A rose pink bitone with a pale yellow watermark above a green throat with a gold toothy edge on the petals. A mid-season bloomer, semi-evergreen, with scapes exhibiting 4 - 5 way branching (2 - 3 laterals and a top V) and a bud count of 18. (Annette's Magic x Wide Awake). Pink Viper is only the second introduction from Reckamp's Wide Awake which has been a good breeder for me for toothy and fringed edges. Combining Forestlake genetics through Annette's Magic with Reckamp lines has produced this beautiful, clear coloured flower that is toothy in my northern garden with scapes taller than either parent. I expect that it will be even better in warmer climate zones and it has shown more teeth in past, warmer summers here. Pink Viper is my favourite of my 2014 introductions. Easily fertile both ways. Price $125 SF. Limited.

Another view:


View of dried up scape to show the branching and bud count of the plant:

PinkViper-scape PinkViper-scape-1