Clockwork Orange (Mussar, 2018)


Tet. 33" tall, 4.5" bloom, 14 buds on average, with 4 way branching. Early season bloomer, SEv foliage. (June Mist X (Esperenza Gold x Stenciled Impressions)). Fertile both ways.

I've been breeding for extra early tetraploid bloomers for quite a while now. In the north our season is so short and compressed that we are anxious to get daylily blooms going in the garden. However most of the early varieties are plain yellows so there is a need for early bloomers with other colours. Clockwork Orange is out of my extra early blooming June Mist crossed with a sibling to my Hillside First Impressions and Gets The Worm both also EE bloomers. Clockwork Orange seems to be about a week behind its parents (so about a week later than Stella D'Oro which I use as a marker for EE season blooms). You can see the absence of bloom in the background of the field shots of the scapes. Clockwork Orange provides a nice splash of colour for the early season and has been a good performer as well.

$75 / SF