Rosemary's Tango


Rosemary's Tango (Mussar, 2021) Tet. 5.5" bloom on scapes 28" tall with 3 way branching and a 15 bud count. It is a mid to late season bloomer, reblooms and has semi-evergreen foliage. The flowers are bitone with bright rose pink petals and lighter coloured sepals. The petals have a gold toothy edge and there is a large yellow to green throat area. It comes from a cross of my intro Rosemary Mussar named for my mother and Mike Derrow's Transylvanian Tango and is fertile both ways and producing some beautiful kids.

This gorgeous flower was flagged on first bloom and was moved from the seedling patch after its first season, something I never do. I was hesitant to register it as it does have a fault as some of the early scapes have a tendency to blast in my garden but the rebloom scapes do not. I have trialed it for a couple of years in Mike Derrow's West Virginia garden and for a year in Claudia Conway's New Hampshire garden and neither reported any issues with blasting. In fact, I was told I'd be crazy not to introduce it! I've not seen any blasting issues in any of the kids to date. When breeding with any plant that has a fault the key is to select kids that do not show the fault. So, I am introducing this as a hybridizer's plant and priced it accordingly due to my limited stock and to encourage its use as a breeding plant rather than as a purely display plant. I do love this flower and continue to breed with it.