Leona Frances


Leona Frances (Mussar, 2022) Tet. 7" bloom on 36" scapes with 3 way branching and a bud count of 15. It is a spatulate unusual form bloom with semi-evergreen foliage and blooms in the midseason. The flowers have baby ribbon pink petals and sepals above a deep green throat with an open form. The pod parent is a pretty pink seedling of mine out of Guapa x Rose Fiesta that has a striking green throat that I have held on to for years. The pollen parent is Webster's Pink Wonder which accounts for the size and form of the Leona Frances bloom and its height as well. It is fertile both ways and I have seen some real nice seedlings from it.

The plant is named for my beautiful granddaughter who is an absolute delight and may be even prettier than the bloom, but I will admit to a little bias in that regard.