Joanne Meyer (Mussar, 2014)


Named in memory of my cousin Joanne who passed away much too young in early 2013. While she battled cancer, she and her sisters made plans to visit my garden for the first time. Joanne never made it but her sisters came to fulfill the pact and we selected this flower in her memory. Joanne Meyer is a large, bright bodacious flower whose presence simply cannot be ignored. A special flower! Not for sale.

Tet. 8" flower, 44" scapes. A bright, flat, large, open-formed light orange flower with a gold throat. A mid-season bloomer, dormant foliage with tall scapes exhibiting 3 way branching (1 lateral with a wide top V) and a bud count of 18. (Solar Music x Dean Corey).


Another view:


View of dried up scape to show the branching and bud count of the plant: