I Feel Fine (Mussar, 2020)


I Feel Fine (Mussar, 2020). 5.5" bloom on scapes 44" tall with 4-5 way branching and an average bud count of 23. Mid to late season bloomer with dormant foliage. Parentage is Truly Angelic x Candlelight and Cabernet. Blooms show the sculpted cristate form on around 40-50% of the blooms. Blooms are a light burgundy purple with a darker band above a yellow to green throat.

The name is a tribute to another great song by the Beatles from their early days. I love the height and widely branched scapes on this one. Fertile both ways and I used it widely with many other cristate forms and plants that tend to throw cristates in their seedlings. Both parents are first generation kids out of cultivars by Brother Charles Reckamp, Truly Angelic is an Angel's Smile kid and Candlelight and Cabernet by Melanie Mason is out of Techny Peach Lace so you can expect hardiness from those lines. It makes a large plant and with the scape and colour I expect it to be a nice addition to cristate lines. Looking forward to seeing what the kids will do. Very limited, only a few fans available.