Laughing At The Rain (Mussar, 2014)


Tet. 5" flower, 30" scape. A light yellow to cream flower with a green throat and very tightly ruffled petals. Dormant foliage, Mid-season bloomer, 4-5 way branching (2 laterals and a top V or W) with a bud count of about 25. (Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe x Gypsy Rose). Laughing at the Rain is a sibling to Melanie Mason's 2012 intro Don't Forget but is a very different looking flower. While her flower took the rose colour from her Gypsy Rose, Laughing at the Rain inherited a heavily ruffled edge from its Reckamp parent augmented by Melanie's Rogue genetics, a parent to Gypsy Rose. The flowers always open well and have a very heavy, waxy substance that are totally unaffected by even the heaviest rainfall. The scapes are stout and the plants are good growers and very floriferous. Easily fertile, producing pods with many seeds. Price $50 SF.

Another view:




View of dried up scape to show the branching and bud count of the plant: