June Mist (03-07)


June Mist came from seed purchased on the Lily Auction from Dan Bachman many years ago. The cross is David Kirchhoff's Coyote Moon x Oscie Whatley's Fire Burst. This auction win was very early into my interest in breeding for spotted daylilies and I was anxious to obtain genetics from Fire Burst. Oscie had told me that that Fire Burst came from Tet Wild One line breeding and that on occasion its flower will exhibit streaks in addition to the speckles. Fire Burst was a pretty rare plant at the time so I jumped on the auction listing and held my breath. I have since obtained Fire Burst and Tet Wild One and continue to breed with both.

June Mist is a 4" pale orange, round, tetraploid flower that is heavily stippled with fine red dots above a green throat. The scapes average 29" tall with 2 lateral branches, a top W and a bud count average of 23 (range 19 - 31 this year). It is an extra early bloomer in my garden usually before the end of June. Foliage is dormant.

Many thanks to Cheryl Taylor, a long time member of ODS for collaborating on naming this cultivar and for being the first to purchase this plant following the Region 4 Garden Tour in the summer of 2011.

Pod and pollen fertile although I have not used it as much as I should have to date. Registered 2012. $100 (single fan)