We The North


We The North (Mussar, 2022) Tet. 6" bloom, 39" tall scapes with 4 way branching and a bud count of 25 or more. It is a mid season bloomer with semi-evergreen foliage. The blooms are a pale cream yellow with a heavily ruffled gold edge with some teeth. Easily fertile both ways. The pod parent is See Me Feel Me Touch Me crossed with pollen from Lemon Fringed Pastel.

I selected 5 seedlings to keep from this cross. Naturally the one with the toothiest bloom had the shortest scape. We The North offered the best combination of attractive blooms with the best scape and is the only one I kept. Over the years I have recorded scapes with 6 and 7 way branching and bud counts up to 41 under my field grown conditions so I believe with good care a mature clump of We The North will perform well for you. I have been using it and some of its sibs in my breeding program for several years and decided this plant merits introduction. The name, We The North, as any Toronto Raptor fan and basketball fans in general will tell you comes from the anthem of Raptor's Nation, a tribute from a whole country supporting our team!