Granny Laird


Granny Laird (Mussar, 2021) Tet. 5.5" bloom on a 32" scape with 3 way branching and a 15 bud count. It is an early to mid season bloomer with semi-evergreen foliage. The flowers are a bright yellow self with a small green throat and tightly ruffled and toothy petal edges. The pod parent is Bryan Culver's Northern Dynasty which imparts great plant habits and the potential for toothy edges. The pollen parent was a seedling out of (Fooled Me x Harmony Ruffles). Harmony Ruffles is a real good Reckamp cultivar and probably contributed to the toothy edges on this grandkid.

Granny Laird is to keep the memory of the matriarch of a friend's family alive. It is a bright sunny flower that will always catch your eye.