Hillside Daylilies

Image Policy: Images may be borrowed with permission. I simply ask that you notify me of your intention to use any of these images and to acknowledge the source of the image in your use.

All of the following cultivars have been grown in my garden at one point in time. With moving house and garden in late 2009 a number of plants were allowed to remain at the old house and only favourites and the newest plants came with me. That still amounted to probably more than 500 cultivars! The majority of these pictures have been taken in my garden but a few have been taken elsewhere.

camera Aaron Brown
camera Accent On View
camera Acquired Arcadian Bliss
camera Addis Ababa
camera Adeline Goldner
camera Adorable Tiger
camera Aegean Wind
camera Afterglow Of Love
camera Agua Fresca
camera Ain't Misbehavin'
camera Ain't She Sweet
camera Alicia Rose Kissed
camera All American Chief
camera Almira Buffalo Bone Jackson
camera Always Afternoon
camera Amen
camera Anastasia
camera Angel In The House
camera Angelique Fringes
camera Angel's Braid
camera Angel Sings
camera Angel's Realm
camera Angel's Smile
camera Angels Touch
camera Annette's Magic
camera Annie Mae Taylor
camera Anniversary Lace
camera Apollo's Fire
camera Apricot Peace
camera Apricot Swirls
camera Apricot Symphony
camera Arnold's Daughter
camera Ascension By Fire
camera Ashwood Wray Of Sunshine
camera As It Happens
camera Aspire
camera Astral Voyager
camera Atlas Shrugged
camera A Touch Of Sherry
camera At Sunset
camera Augie's Unique Beauty
camera Avalon Anne
camera Awesome Blossom
camera Baby Blanket
camera Barbara Anne White
camera Barbara Dittmer
camera Barbara White
camera Barb Kedler
camera Barcelona Spirit
camera Bear Claws
camera Behold the Heavens
camera Belle Of Ashwood
camera Bertie Ferris
camera Betty Devereaux
camera Beyond Thunderdome
camera Big Bird's Friend
camera Big George
camera Bigger's Better
camera Big Girls Don't Cry
camera Bill Norris
camera Blessed Art Thou
camera Blizzard Bay
camera Blueberries And Cream
camera Blueberry Lemonade
camera Blue Moon Of Kentucky
camera Bobbing For Poodles
camera Bob's Baby
camera Bombay Silk
camera Bonhomie
camera Bonibrae Lazy Susan
camera Bonibrae The Freak
camera Bonne Chance
camera Bonnie Breenie
camera Bordello Queen
camera Border Sentry
camera Born To Bite
camera Boyd
camera Braided Earthstar
camera Breed Apart
camera Bridgeton Bastion
camera Bridgeton Cloissone
camera Broadway Opening
camera Broadway Smile
camera Broken Promise
camera Brother Charles Reckamp
camera Bruce Morgan
camera Bruce The Remarkable
camera Bull Durham
camera Burgundy Baroness
camera Butter Cream
camera Butter Curls
camera CalicoJack
camera Canaan
camera Canadian Diamonds
camera Candie Dwyer
camera Candlelight And Cabernet
camera Canjun Concert
camera Capacity For Wonder
camera Cardinal Explosion
camera Carnival In Mexico
camera Carol Jean Pardoe
camera Carrolwood Red
camera Caught Red Handed
camera Celstial Virgins
camera Chance Encounter
camera Charlie
camera Charlie's Dream
camera Charon The FerryMan
camera Chateau Belair
camera Cheap Frills
camera Cherry Fringe
camera Cherry Lane
camera Chez Sophie
camera Chilled Euphoria
camera Christian Fletcher
camera Christian Klem
camera Circle Of Friends
camera Circular Thinking
camera Cisty
camera Citrina
camera Clarity Of Vision
camera Clean Water Act
camera Clear Fork
camera Colleen Amber Morrison
camera Come As You Are
camera Condilla
camera Connect The Dots
camera Coral Majority
camera Country Cool
camera Courage To Change
camera Court Magician
camera Cream Drop
camera Creative Edge
camera Crested Dragon
camera Critical Mass
camera Crosstown Traffic
camera Crown of Creation
camera Crystal Blue Persuasion
camera Culver Seedling - Fox Point x Violet Angel
camera Culver Seedling - Rose Fiesta x Prince Of Thieves
camera Custard Candy
camera Cynthia Louise Valente
camera Dad's Pryotechnics
camera Dancing Grace
camera Dangling Participle
camera Dappled Dynamo
camera Dashing Double
camera Davey Jones Locker
camera Dean Corey
camera Debbie's Vows
camera Deliberate Pace
camera Delicate Lace
camera Delightful David
camera Desperado Love
camera Destined To See
camera Diamond Executive
camera Diamond Sutra
camera Diane Crawford
camera Digital Imagery
camera Discover The Fire
camera Divine Comedy
camera Divine Gift
camera Divine Impulse
camera Dizzy Dots
camera Doc Branch
camera Don't Forget
camera Dotted Petals
camera Dotted Swiss
camera Doug's Red Mercedes
camera Down East Royale
camera Dragon Festival
camera Dragonfly In Flight
camera Dragon So
camera Dream Sequence
camera Drop Cloth
camera Due Diligence
camera Early And Often
camera Ed Brown
camera Edge Of Your Seat
camera Egyptian Angel
camera Egyptian Spice
camera Elan
camera Electric Man
camera Elegance Of Summer
camera Elegant Candy
camera Elizabeth Marie Devereaux
camera Elizabeth Salter
camera Elizabeth White
camera Elsie Stelter
camera Elusive Happiness
camera Emerald Oasis
camera Emerald Treasure
camera Emma In Paris
camera Emma's Song
camera Empirical Sensuality
camera Enchanted April
camera Enchanted Empress
camera Enigma Of Absolutes
camera Entropic State
camera Esperanza Gold
camera Esprit De Corps
camera Essense Of Violet
camera Etched Eyes
camera Etta May
camera Eva Janine
camera Evidence Of Aliens
camera Expanding Universe
camera Eyepod
camera Family Jewels
camera Feminine Intuition
camera Femme Osage
camera Ferne Frost
camera Fielder's Choice
camera Fireborn
camera Fire Burst
camera Flaming Flamingo
camera First Crush
camera First Officer's Log
camera Fooled Me
camera Forestlake Point Lace
camera Forestlake Ragamuffin
camera Forty Days And Forty Nights
camera For Your Eyes Only
camera Foxhaven Enigma
camera Fox Point
camera Fragrant Bouquet
camera Francis of Assisi
camera Frankie's Fantasy
camera Frank Teele
camera Freckled Lass
camera Free Tibet
camera From Here To Eternity
camera Frost Avenue
camera Frostbite Falls
camera Frozen Mert
camera Fruit Of The Vine
camera Fusion
camera Future Whispers
camera Garden Symphony
camera Gentleman's Lady
camera Geri's Aura
camera Get Jiggy
camera Get'R Done
camera Getting Airborne
camera Giggle Creek
camera Gladys Campbell
camera Goldmist Red
camera Good Morning Beautiful Day
camera Gorgeous Smile
camera Grace, Peace And Love
camera Gracie Buttercup
camera Grandpa Oscie
camera Great Expression
camera Great White
camera Greek Effect
camera Green Gage 
camera Greywoods Dotcalm
camera Greywoods Graphic Illusion
camera Greywoods Painted Pony
camera Greywoods Spiders Lair
camera Gryffindor Colors
camera Gryphon Chinese Fire
camera Gryphon Hankow Legacy
camera Gryphon Stanley Saxton
camera Gryphon Warsaw Rising
camera Guapa
camera G. Willikers
camera Gypsy Rose
camera Hallelujah Joy
camera Handwriting On The Wall
camera Happy Destiny
camera Harem House
camera Harlow
camera Harmony Ruffles
camera Harp Of David
camera Harvest House
camera Harvest Moth
camera Havanna Day Dreaming
camera Have A Nice Day
camera Hayfield Memories
camera Hayfield Speckles
camera Heal Your Heart
camera Heavenly Beginnings
camera Heavenly Crown
camera Heavenly Curls
camera Heavenly Hope
camera Heavenly Mr. Twister
camera Heavenly Pastel
camera Heavenly Pink Fang
camera Heavenly Stardust
camera Heavenly Teardrops
camera Helen Catherine
camera Helen Shooter
camera Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
camera Her Best Bloomers
camera Her Royal Pinkness
camera Hidden Cameras
camera Higher Ambition
camera Honeydew Fringes
camera How Lovely You Are
camera Huckleberry Candy
camera Ida Mae Norris
camera Ida's Magic
camera Illini Pride
camera Impressionist Sky
camera Indy Misty Love
camera In Mom's Honor
camera In Schubert's Day
camera In Search of Angels
camera Instant Karma
camera Intense Silence
camera Iron Eyes
camera Istanbul Magic
camera Itza Pink Teddy
camera Iwanna Piranha
camera Jacob's Pillow
camera Jade Dragon
camera Jade Princess
camera Jaguars Paw
camera James Douglas Lycett
camera Jewel Of The Oasis
camera Jim Spencer
camera Joan Derifield
camera Joanna Lee Ahrens
camera Jo Ann Bruce
camera Jody Ann
camera John Peat
camera Jolly Friar
camera Joshua Cobb
camera Journeys Bride
camera Joyful Soul
camera Joy Of July
camera Joy To The World
camera Julie Newmar
camera Juliette Whatley Memorial
camera Kaleidoscope Fantasy
camera Kanai Sensei
camera Karl Petersen
camera Katahdin
camera Kathy Renwald
camera Kelly Lee
camera Kentucky Woman
camera Key Lime Special
camera Killarney Road
camera Kimmswick
camera King Alfred
camera King George
camera Labyrinth
camera Lace Cookies
camera Lacy Silhouette
camera Lady Bandit
camera Lady Fingers
camera Lady Gillian
camera Lake Norman Spider
camera Lake Tear Of The Clouds
camera Laughing Out Loud
camera Laura Nyro
camera Lavender Suspenders
camera Lemon Fringed Pastel
camera Lemon Parchment
camera Le Petit Saboteur
camera Light Of The World
camera Lindsey's Freckle Face
camera Lindy White
camera Lingering Splendor
camera Little Baby Cakes
camera Little Brass Band
camera Little Fairy Festival
camera Little Lemon Zip
camera Little Man Tait
camera Little Miss Lucy
camera Little Rainbow
camera Little Strawberry Parfait
camera Live Every Day
camera Live Jazz
camera Longlesson Amber Waves
camera Longlesson Caprice
camera Longlesson Liberty Belle
camera Longlesson Orchid Thief
camera Longlesson Showoff
camera Lord Trickster
camera Lorie Dawn
camera Lorita Wadsworth
camera Love Interest
camera Love Or Else
camera Lovliest Grace
camera Luck Will Have It
camera Mabou
camera Madame Bessemer
camera Mad River
camera Mahogony Magic
camera Majestic Move
camera Majestic Pink
camera Malcolm David Brooker Sr.
camera Maple Hues
camera Marion Campbell
camera Mariska
camera Mars Attack
camera Mary Drake
camera Mask And Metaphor
camera Mason's Mark
camera Megatron
camera Megunticook Treasure
camera Melodye Campbell
camera Memorial To Steve
camera Message Of Love
camera Mexican Sunrise
camera Midas Magic
camera Midnight In Moscow
camera Midnight Magic
camera Midnight Tango
camera Ming Porcelian
camera Minnesota Morning
camera Mohican Chief
camera Momentum
camera Moon Jazz
camera Moonlight Mist
camera Moonlight Orchid
camera Moonlit Masquarade
camera Moon Over Ogunquit
camera Mother Knows Best
camera Mrs. London's Apricot Tart
camera Mulberry Way
camera My Perfect Lady
camera My Sunshine
camera Nancy The Rose Queen
camera Nancy Thomas
camera Nanny's Button Cap
camera Nantucket Navigator
camera Navaho Beauty
camera Navy Jag
camera Neon Flamingo
camera Never Say Never
camera Nick Of Time
camera Nicole Cabrera
camera Nina Vanhorn
camera Ninfa
camera Nobel Warrior
camera Northern Dynasty
camera Northern Fancy
camera North Wind Dancer
camera Notify Ground Crew
camera Now And Zen
camera O'Bannon Orchid
camera Odds And Ends
camera Ode To Faith
camera Omaha Sunshine
camera Omomuki
camera One Dreamer
camera One Last Kiss
camera One Last Straw
camera On Silken Thread
camera On The Avenue
camera Orchid Corsage
camera Osterized
camera Out Of My Way
camera Pacific Princess
camera Pagan Ritual
camera Panama Jack
camera Panic In Detroit
camera Paradise Regained
camera Paradise Tanager
camera Pastel Peach Imp
camera Pastel Praise
camera Pastel Serenade
camera Pastor James
camera Patience Of A Saint
camera Pat Wessling
camera Peach Magnolia
camera Peacock Uprising
camera Pearl Harbor
camera Pearls Before Swine
camera Pediddle
camera Penny Kelly
camera Peoples Pleasure Park
camera Peppermint Ice
camera Perma Fringe
camera Persimmon Punch
camera Personal Hero
camera Phil Reilly
camera Pigment Of Imagination
camera Pika Pika
camera Pink Aberration
camera Pink Fanfare
camera Pink Stripes
camera Pink Thunderbird
camera Pink Waves
camera Pins & Needles
camera Piranha
camera Pirates Patch
camera Pitter Patter
camera Pizza Crust
camera Planet Claire
camera Pleasant Colony
camera Point Of Divergence
camera Polar Ice
camera Polar Light
camera Polar Wind
camera Polynesian Love Song
camera Portrait Of An Angel
camera Potola Tapestry
camera Prairie Windjammer
camera Prelude To Panoply
camera President Mary Michie
camera Pretty As You Feel
camera Pretty Little Smile
camera Prickled Petals
camera Primal Scream
camera Prince Of Thieves
camera Prismatic
camera Ptarmigan
camera Puff Adder
camera Puma
camera Purest Treasure
camera Purity
camera Purple Cheetah
camera Purple Rabbits
camera Put-In-Bay
camera Putney Spotted Fever
camera Queensbury Rules
camera Quicksilver Girl
camera Quilting Circle
camera Radar Love
camera Rainbow Candy
camera Rainbow Colors
camera Ram
camera Ramming Speed
camera Rashomon Gate
camera Raspberry Griffin
camera Raspberry Winter
camera Ray Bortolussi
camera Rebecca Hockridge
camera Red Peacemaker
camera Red Right Returning
camera Red Rocket Soaring
camera Red Sally
camera Red Skeletons
camera Regal Braid
camera Regal Shield
camera Regency Heights
camera Remembering Joan
camera Rescue Me
camera Revelling
camera Ripsaw
camera Rita Williams
camera River Lore
camera Rock Around The Clock
camera Rock Lobster
camera Roman Empire
camera Ron Valente
camera Rosa Grande
camera Rosalie's Smile
camera Rose Electra
camera Rose Fiesta
camera Rose Impact
camera Rose Monument
camera Rose Prelude
camera Rose Rendevous
camera Royal Honor
camera Ruby Regalia
camera Ruby Spider
camera Ruffled Aristocrat
camera Ruffled Bouquet Deluxe
camera Ruffled Ohh La La
camera Ruffled Pantaloons
camera Ruffled Pastel Cheers
camera Ruffled Risen Star
camera Ruffled Strawberry Parfait
camera Ruffles Ah Go Go
camera Ruth Parish
camera Sacrament Of Healing
camera Sally's Child
camera Sally Sue
camera Salmon Dream
camera Samurai Sword
camera Sandra's Smile
camera Saratoga Springtime
camera Sassy Sally
camera Say Good Morning
camera Scarlet Apache
camera Scary Terri
camera Scintillating Suzette
camera Second Coming
camera See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me
camera Self Determination
camera Self Propelled
camera Sentimental Favorite
camera Seurat
camera Share A Little
camera Sherry Lane Carr
camera She's Got Legs
camera She Talks To Angels
camera Shimmering Elegance
camera Shishedo
camera Shores Of Time
camera Shoutin' The Blues
camera Shy Ellen
camera Silken Touch
camera Siloam Little Fairy
camera Siloam New Toy
camera Siloam Uri Winniford
camera Siloam Vaughn's Luxury
camera Silver Trumpet
camera Simply Being Loved
camera Simply Sensational
camera Skin Of My Teeth
camera Skyland
camera Slipped My Disco
camera Sloop Clearwater
camera Smuggler's Bravo
camera Smuggler's Gold
camera Smuggler's Peak-a-Boo
camera Snowbrooke
camera Snow Wonder
camera Snowy Stella
camera Solar Music
camera Sombrero Way
camera Something Wonderful
camera Soothes My Soul
camera Southern Patriot
camera Souvenir Of Love
camera Spacecoast Freaky Tiki
camera Sparkling Champagne
camera Speckled Trout
camera Speckles
camera Spirit Fox
camera Spiritual Corridor
camera Spirit Zone
camera Stardust Lady
camera Stars My Destination
camera Startle
camera Startling Legacy
camera Stenciled Impressions
camera Steve Todd
camera Still Night
camera StormyWaters
camera Strawberry Candy
camera Strung Out
camera Strutters Ball
camera Subtle Beauty
camera Suddenly Last Summer
camera Sunoma
camera Sun Panda
camera Sunshine City
camera Suns Shadow
camera Super Seventy Three
camera Susan Weber
camera Suzy Cream Cheese
camera Swallows In Flight
camera Swallow Tail Kite
camera Sweet Indulgence
camera Sweet Isabella
camera Sweet Praise
camera Sweet Sammie
camera Syd Barret
camera Tangerine Rose Ruffles
camera Taos
camera Tarta
camera Teal Flight
camera Techny Chimes
camera Techny Peach Lace
camera Techny Spider
camera Temporary & Eternal
camera Tet Monica Marie
camera Tet Siloam Double Classic
camera Tet Spindazzle
camera Tet Trahlyta
camera Tet Wild One
camera The Fifth Element
camera The Goldilocks Effect
camera The Height Of Discovery
camera The Hollow Deck
camera Therapeutic Touch
camera Thistles And Thorns
camera Thomas Tew
camera Tie Dyed Moon
camera Tigerling
camera Tiger On Stilts
camera Tikal Maid
camera Tippecanoe
camera Toast And Jam
camera Torrid Tango
camera Tournament of Roses
camera Tri-Colored Bite
camera Triumph Glorious
camera Trivia Pursuit
camera Truffles Milanese
camera Truly Angelic
camera Tundra Bird
camera Tune The Harp
camera Turn Turn Turn
camera Tux And Tails
camera Twilight Adagio
camera Twist Again
camera Twisted Sister
camera Tyler Too
camera Ultraviolet Mood
camera Unending Love
camera Up Against The Sun
camera Utopian Coastline
camera Valley Valentine
camera Vanilla Fluff
camera Variagated Kwanso
camera Vatican City
camera Velvet Beads
camera Velvet Champion
camera Venus Flytrap
camera Venus's Fire
camera Vera Biaglow
camera Vernal Tutone
camera Veronica's Veil
camera Vertical Horizon
camera Vertical Horizon x Tet Smoke Scream (Robarts sdlg)
camera Vickie's Radiance
camera Victoriana
camera Victorian Garden Saved By Grace
camera Victoria Park
camera Violet Angel
camera Volver
camera Wake Robin
camera Wanda Evans
camera War Dragon
camera Water Drops
camera Waterfall Rainbow
camera Watusi Warrior
camera Weatherly
camera Webster's Pink Wonder
camera Wedding Band
camera Welcome To Xenon
camera Wellspring Of Wisdom
camera Whatley Seedling - L5000
camera What Me Worry?
camera Whip City Tizzie
camera Whiskey Fire
camera Whiskey Rebellion
camera Whistling Oyster
camera White Eyes Pink Dragon
camera Wide Awake
camera Wild Mustang
camera Wind In The Rigging
camera Wine Bandit
camera Women Seeking Men
camera Working Girl
camera Worlds Collide
camera Xochipilli
camera Yellow Ducky
camera Yellow Twain
camera Yo Rick Yost
camera You Look Marvelous
camera Yucatan Gold
camera Yukon Spring
camera Yuma

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