Northern Fancy

NORTHERN FANCY (Stamile, 2002) Tet, 26" EM, 5" Dor.

7 way branching and 35 bud count. Reblooms.

Rose with a gold edge above a green throat.{Magic Amethyst x [(Creative Edge x Chris Salter) x Startle]} A fall 2002 introduction, Pat's catalogue description is as follows "This beautiful rose with its gold edges has hints of lavender in the rose coloration and a deeper rose eye around a citron green throat. The blooms are flat with excellent substance with exceptional bud count and branching. Strong immediate rebloom means a very long bloom season. Branching and bud count on rebloom are actually higher than original scapes making me think that bud count may be higher in the North where the crown gets a chance to be energized over the winter. Wonderful breeder for bud count and branching and an absolutely beautiful flower." New here this year, Northern Fancy is on its fourth scape. I broke the third off so it would conserve its strength but it immediately sent up another. This plant wants to bloom and bloom. I can't wait to see it get established!