Strawberry Candy

STRAWBERRY CANDY (Stamile, P. 1989) Tet. 26", EM, 4 ", Sev.

Stout Medal winner 1998. The highest honour bestowed by the AHS for distinction, beauty and performance over a wide geographic area - what more needs to be said? A beautiful strawberry pink blend with a rose eye and green gold throat. Why would you continue to use a plant this old in breeding? Vigor and plant habit!! Strawberry Candy is one of the best for passing on these characteristics as well as branching and bud count. A great northern plant (Pat introduced this one when he still lived on Long Island) that still has a lot to offer when crossed with some of the more modern plants. I plan to grow several Strawberry Candy crosses myself this year. (Panache x Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson).