Jade Princess

JADE PRINCESS (Culver, 2002) Tet, 28" M, 6" Dor.

Large recurved pink self with exploding green throat. Bryan Culver is an up and coming Ontario hybridizer who just started selling his plants commercially on a limited basis in 2003. Bryan requires plants to be hardy and good performers with clear colour so if it meets his standards, you know it is a good plant! This isn't the best picture of Jade Princess as it was a bit overcast to really appreciate the gorgeous pink and the intensity of the green throat. Parentage was not registered but it can carry 3 way branching and 20+ buds.

Here is an unusual shot of Jade Princess with cresting on all three petals. I had never seen this before with this cultivar but subsequently saw a few more flowers with cresting but not on all 3 petals like this.