Interesting Daylily Links

Daylilies on Ice
Links to growers and hybridizers of daylilies that perform well in zones 3, 4 & 5.

Bryan Culver
A Canadian hybridizer producing terrific plants, a friend and daylily mentor.

Michael Georges
A friend whose garden is about 5 minutes away from mine and the man responsible for my daylily addiction.

Melanie Mason
A lady with boundless energy and enthusiasm hybridizing terrific plants in the "tundra country" of upstate New York.

Michael Bouman
Hybridizer, gifted writer and a man with whom I share a passion for daylilies produced by Oscie Whatley.

Charlotte's Daylily Diary
My primary portal to all things daylily on the internet. Highly recommended.

Ontario Daylily Society
Our local daylily club.

American Hemerocallis Society
The organization responsible for promoting daylilies and the official registrar for daylilies internationally.

The Daylily Auction
An internet based auction for daylily plants and seeds. I sell seeds and some plants on the auction under the user ID of dwm.

Tinker's Garden Forum
An electronic message board and community to post questions and discuss daylilies.

Reggie Millette
Reggie is the President of the Quebec Hemerocallis and Hosta Society and a noted author and photographer. There are hundreds of daylily, hosta and iris images available for viewing.

Gil and Sally Stelter
Friends who live close by in Guelph, Ontario and maintain an AHS Display Garden and AHS Historical Garden. Gil may have the most extensive daylily species collection in Canada and likely the largest collection of hybrids by Dr. Arlow Stout who is recognized as the father of the modern daylily.

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