Region 4 Tour - July 2011

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Region4Tour2011-01 Greeting Region 4 garden tour visitors as a busload arrives at the garden. Due to a late spring in 2011 the garden was at least a week away from peak bloom but what can you do! This was only our second summer after building the new house. I must have been crazy to agree to be on tour! Photos courtesy of Nick White. Thanks Nick!
Region4Tour2011-02 A view of the bed bordering the road at the front of the house. It is a bit on the shady side so is probably the only bed where other perennials outnumber daylilies.
Region4Tour2011-03 A bed just beside the driveway on the front of the house. Notice the scapes on the yet to bloom Notify Ground Crew in the middle of the bed.
Region4Tour2011-04 This bed is behind the house bordering the wooded area that separates the house and display beds from the seedling field. The tall daylily in the middle is Karol Emmerich's Forty Days and Forty Nights with its first two blooms of the season.
Region4Tour2011-05 The same bed viewed from the far end. In the background you can see the steps down to the backyard and the deck. There is a gentle slope to the backyard on the north side of the house. The rear of the house receives the morning sun.
Region4Tour2011-06 A group of tour members in the seedling field. Bloom was more advanced in the seedling field than elsewhere in the garden.
Region4Tour2011-07 Bryan Culver and David Kirchhoff in deep discussion in the seedling field.
Region4Tour2011-08 A group of Ontario Daylily Society members taking a break in shade beside the seedling field.
Region4Tour2011-09 I'm clearly trying to explain myself while "The David" looks on incredulously!
Region4Tour2011-10 Me desperately trying to find a redeeming quality in a seedling to show "The David".
Region4Tour2011-11 A view of the house from the seedling field.
Region4Tour2011-12 "The David", another David and my wife Kim.

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