The House

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The west facing front of the house approaching peak bloom.


Another view of the front of the house from the northwest corner.


This view of the front of the house shows one of the beds along side the driveway.


These stairs are on the back of the house on the southeast corner. This area is shaded by the woods so only receives a few hours of sun at mid-day.


Two of the beds along side the driveway facing south. These get a bit more shade than some of the others so bloom is a little delayed but more prolonged.


Two of the beds on the north side of the house. Beyond them you can see the fire pit and the seedling field in the distance. The rock in the foreground was found when the foundation was dug and it was easier not to have to move it too far!


This is part of the seedling field looking back toward the house. Some of these plants were still going in the ground in early November and will need another year to let them recover and fully evaluate. The area to the left of the image needs to get tilled up for my 2009 and 2010 seedlings to go in.

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